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COVID-19 the word that is forever connected to 2020. The pandemic that become a worldwide disaster. Yet, has it not made us adapt, modify, look at what is important and survive? Has it not made us look at what we can do in the face of adversity. It has challenged us to see the opportunity, even through the crisis.

It has asked us to find areas we can control, finds areas we can adapt, it has made us let go of certain things and it has asked us to seize opportunities that have come about no matter how small.

We are hearing countries lifting restrictions, Australian Government are to meet 11th May to look at what restrictions can me amended. We are seeing that this crisis is slowly ending… so what does the other side look like for you?

Let us look at what YOU can do for YOU.

  1. Embrace your learnings:

During this time, we have found ourselves to be resourceful.

We have found ways to work from home, we are learning again through home schooling with our families, we found that sitting on a couch with a book and a blanket is calming and can assist us in other ways depending on the book we are reading, technology is our friend, being able to look at the world without all the hassle is a blessing, we found that DIY projects are fun and challenging and made us feel accomplished and proud just like that presentation to the board, we found that it is okay to self-develop, and growing that veggie garden means that you can see your accomplishment grow.

What we need to do is embrace this and ensure that when the crisis is over and we continue to learn, we find ways to self-develop ourselves.

  1. Sniff out the inefficiencies and solve them

We all know there is an upside when we get things right. It can be as small as making the new recipe or as large as starting up a new company.

We know that without process, a word we all love to hate, we cannot achieve and ultimately get things right.

During this time we can focus on looking at our own processes. They can be our routine for the day, such as waking up, going for a run/walk. Breakfast etc, it maybe the process of how we handle frustrating and complicated tasks/ jobs or it could be the process of our working day.

What we can do is think about how we can do things, better, faster and cheaper. Is there software we can be using, can I delegate some of my activities, can I improve myself and my learning to ensure the task at hand is completed differently.

What are our gaps?

When it comes to financial security, our gaps and our process may be as simple as asking for a financial health check. It may be organising using the assistance of an accountant or financial planner how to collate bills, invoices and bank accounts to limit your time in finding things.

Improving our process can make all the difference.

  1. Futureproof Yourself:

During this time our stress levels along with anxiety and for some mental health impairments, have been at the forefront more than normal. Our main concern is what about the future, what about paying the bills next month, what about paying the mortgage, what happens if we lose it all, what about the kids education. All of anxiety and stress comes from uncertainty. And all of us can understand why.

What we need to do is focus and take back the control we have. Find a way to manage the stress and anxiety. In a way, finding that process of control.

We are not saying that you should become the expert in all areas of your life, such as becoming a doctor, a psychologist, a teacher, a chef, a financial planner, a banker/ broker to find the control. Rather seek out others who can assist you, seek out others that understand your circumstances right now, seek out others that have the same values and ethics as you.

Futureproof yourself by working out what is important to you right now, what you can control and find likeminded people to assist you.

Taking small steps now can ensure the pathway to your future is paved the right way.

  1. Above all else, PRIORITISE:

“How can you ask someone to love you, when you do not love yourself?” An age old saying that rings true during these times.

How can you assist your family, your loved ones, your parents, your company, your work colleagues or your next-door neighbour if you haven’t looked after yourself?

Be kind to yourself and do what you can. Try to prioritise what you can, set realistic goals, you may find in doing so, you are reclaiming ‘the control’.  Balance and Asking are two words that come to mind.

BALANCE:  equal out the things that you can, such as your family, routines, exercise, love, laughter and fun

ASKING: do not be afraid to ask for help, understand that you cannot do it all yourself and ask those around you for help, ask experts for their assistance and guidance. Remind yourself “IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY”.


We do not know how long this pandemic crisis will last, what we do know is the world will not come to an end. Yes, the world as we know it is battered, bruised and a little broken in places but together we know what we are capable of and together we shall survive.

Through severe storms, flooding and fire we find nature find a way to grow back brighter than before. The world shall rebuild, it will ultimately find its way back and when it does it will be wiser, stronger, more resilient and more beautiful than before.

We need to remember that we are more adaptable than we think.

Dollars with Sense and its team of experts are here to help. With a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit in hand we can virtually meet with you and find a way to futureproof you and your family and find the right process.

Book your time now with one of our friendly team members.

Please remember to stay safe and take care of yourselves.


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