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Creativity: “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”

In Italy we have seen communities come together and let music become their outlet in the face of lockdown. Rainbow and Teddy Bear challenges, Bin Isolation challenges and Sporting challenges have hit Australian social media and news reports.

Thinking outside the box, being creative, having fun have allowed us to feel empowered during this unprecedented time.

When we think Finance whether it be financial security, home loans, credit cards, taxation returns, superannuation etc. the word fun and creative do not automatically come to mind. Could you imagine what a finance challenge would look like on Facebook???

In saying this it does not mean we cannot be imaginative in the ways we look at finance, it does not mean we cannot think of various ways to save money or make our financial dreams become a reality.

The Dollars with Sense team and its panel of experts enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to finance solutions, they enjoy looking at finances as a jigsaw puzzle that requires each piece to be placed in the right order and way to allow YOU to see the full picture. Here are some fun ideas when it comes to finances.

Scavenger Hunt:

During lockdown we find ourselves re-organising our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and even the dreaded garage. We shall have boxes of items to keep and those to give away however what happens if we look at the re-organising as an opportunity.

Look at those unwanted items that we have found around our home as treasure. The old lamp that use to sit in the corner can be someone’s retro style piece in their new living room and the old set of tools setting on the top shelf in the garage is a collector’s dream.

With apps like Gumtree, EBay, Buy Swap and Sell these items could be your ticket to that dream holiday, or the key to the new car you have wanted.

Vision Boards:

One day we shall go on that trip around the world, one day we shall hitch the caravan to the back of the car and drive around Australia, one day I will have that car. All of us have said this but when is our one day?

Without direction we are unsure of the destination.

Vision Boards are a fun way to use the law of attraction to obtain your goals. It may be a simple collage of pictures representing what you would like or it may be a board that allows you to see your progress to a particular dream.

Whatever you choose make sure it represents YOU, what your dreams may be, what your financial security is – give yourself direction.

Jar, Piggy Banks or Account Fun:

To go along with your vision board, setting up money jars or piggy banks labelled with your goal or setting up varying accounts named after your goal is a fun and exciting way to monitor your progress. You can get the whole family involved by setting up little jars for your kids labelled bike fund, scooter fund or PS4 game fund.

Seeing progress whether it be large or small encourages us to continue. It gives us self-pride in what we are trying to achieve.

Start your own Monopoly game:

The aim of Monopoly is to purchase land and build on the land to acquire rent from other players of the game to accumulate your wealth.

You can do the same in real life and find ways to accumulate your own wealth by using various financial means and it may end up that you find accumulating wealth through fractional investing is your way or investing in the stock-market is your Monopoly game.


The above are simple and fun ways (as much as finance can be fun) to help you achieve the financial security you are looking for.

When it comes to finance we can be creative, imaginative, we can take original ideas and make them our own. It may not be as fun to the world as creating a video of a dinosaur taking out the bins however it can help us make our dreams into a reality and to me that’s magical.

If you would like to know more about how the team at Dollars with Sense and its panel of experts enjoy thinking outside of the box and working on your finance jigsaw simply click on the link and arrange a free virtual consultation now.


I highly recommend Dallas and his team of experts at Dollars with Sense to everyone out there who wants to be more adept at financial matters. They provide great insights about investing and planning for the future. With their sensible tips, my super fund is on track to giving me the ideal lifestyle I look forward to. I have security and peace of mind, which is priceless!


One of the things I appreciate the most about the Dollars with Sense team is how they are so honest about financial matters. They are not after promoting a certain kind of investment, but rather, they always emphasise what an average person should consider before jumping into a financial commitment. Dollars with Sense truly opened my eyes towards property investment, and I am so grateful that I get no-nonsense tips from these experts. I hope that Dallas and the team will continue to guide us in all money matters!