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Home loan applicants be warned. In the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, your statements will be scrutinized with a high-intensity magnifying glass.

Lenders want to know every purchase you have made: Everything from your Uber Eats Friday night, to the number of streaming services to which you are subscribed.

Banks and lenders are under intense scrutiny to establish that you can afford to pay the mortgage that you are applying for without undue stress. They also need to take into account whether you will be able to pay for your mortgage if interest rates increase in the future.

Sure, rates are at historic lows now, but what happens in the future if they rise 3%. Will you still be able to afford to pay your loan if this occurs?

So, we can see why banks are being intensely scrutinizing when assessing you for your home loan.

Before you apply for that home loan, here’s what you need to know about the things lenders are keeping an eye out for when they are assessing whether to approve your loan.

Subscriptions, online shopping and food.

For example the bank of Melbourne have reportedly increased the number of spending categories they look at in customers from 6 to a whopping 13.

The recent inclusions included streaming services, groceries, clothing and insurance.

A Canstar survey found borrowers had been asked questions about their food habits, Afterpay and even their children and plans.

Questions asked included “How often do you eat takeaway food?”, “Why did you purchase certain items?” and even questioned about their plans to have children.

Questions like these help lenders uncover what sort of spender you are. Do you pay upfront, or are you someone who heavily uses Afterpay facilities?

How to improve your home loan application.

But don’t fret, here are 5 things ways to improve your home loan application.

  1. Clear your credit cards, Afterpay and keep them clear
  2. Stay clear of food deliveries like Uber Eats
  3. Set up an automatic transfer to a savings account- This shows lenders you are serious about saving and living within your means.
  4. Pay your bills and do it on time- This will improve your credit score too!
  5. Check your credit score- We can do that for you free at Dollars With Sense and it will not affect your credit score like doing it yourself will.

Interest rates are historically low

Loan rates are the lowest in 26 years according to Canstar, thanks to consecutive rate cuts by the RBA.

We’ll help you find the right loan.

At DWS we work for you, and will always put in that extra effort.


We do the hard work.

We consider a range of options for you. Using our understanding and knowledge of the current market, we look at different loans and quickly narrow it down to the ones that suit your specific needs. Then we choose together.

And we help with the whole process.

We don’t stop at just finding the finance. We’ll help complete the paperwork, manage the application process and follow it through to approval. Leaving you time to get excited about your new home.

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