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For most of us reading those words brings back a happy childhood favourite “Fairy Bread”, where at parties we would hope for a plate full of the bread coated in margarine/ butter and sprinkles full of colourful magic.

These days 100’s and 1000’s is what we seek regarding financial freedom and goals.

Oh, how times have changed or have they? Is our happy colourful magic still able to be found in the finance world…

Over the last few months the Reserve Bank of Australia has shared with us 2 cash rate decreases with an August decision to remain at 1%.  This is the lowest cash rate Australia has seen and they are hoping it will reverse the trend of weakening consumption and rising unemployment.

Most lenders will pass on a percentage of the official basis points decrease to YOU the customer. With the recent back to back decreases, the big 4 banks have seen them pass on an average between 80% to 88%, with some lenders only passing on between 19-20 basis points with the first rate decrease and the full 25 basis points with the latest decision.

How have these back to back decreases affected YOU?

Most of us cannot answer this question honestly. Yes, we have seen the letter from our current bank advising changes will occur to our interest rate however have we taken much notice of this? Have we looked at our statement and asked if this the best I can get?

When we receive our yearly car insurance and home insurance policy, most will jump online and start comparing the new premium with what is on offer out there… How many of us can say the same when we received that letter from our bank?

Saving 100’s on our car insurance and home insurance gives us a wonderful feeling of achievement and we start to think what we can do with those savings. Imagine what saving 1000’s can do?

A simple finance health check can make that happen for you. Get that warm happy colourful magic feeling back.

Savings 1000’s off your home loan per year could mean that cruise you have been putting off can happen, the kids school fees are taken care of for the coming years, you can start planning for those investment goals and growing your portfolio. Whatever the happy “fairy bread” goal is for you, stop putting it off and book in your free health check today.

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Written by Dollars With Sense, Finance Specialist Tabatha Lee.





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