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“Dollars with Sense” brings you access to elite industry professionals to address the relevant issues for effective savings, investment, and protection strategies.

Our Vision

By working smarter not harder, Dollars with Sense aims to

help everyday Australians

Plan, Save, Invest, Protect.

Our History

“Dollars with Sense” is a television program on Channel 31 which was first aired in 2009.

Hosted by Dallas Brooks, the show seeks to improve the financial literacy and wisdom of the general community with the goal of raising their standard of living and assisting them making better financial decisions.

Our Value

Our values are aligned with those of hardworking Australians, who would like an


Help us to Help YOU!


The Host - Expert in financial and investment strategy

Dallas Brooks

My vision is to give all Australians control of the financial futures, by providing everyone the opportunity to seek sound financial advice. My aim through Dollars with Sense is to offer a range of initiatives and spread a message of financial hope to those who need it most but not just the wealthy.

So, whether it is from the simplest of cash flow and budgeting topics to advanced legal or investment issues, I seek to encourage people to follow the next appropriate step in their pursuit for a happier and more prosperous lifestyle.

My belief that not one professional has all the answers and that is why Dollars with Sense has a panel of professionals derived from industries belonging to the investment, legal and finance sector. These industry experts have decades of experience to draw upon and have become a very useful resource for the Dollars With Sense viewers and followers.

My philosophy in life is to live life to the fullest and the best way to do so is PLAN, SAVE, INVEST & PROTECT you and your family.

Financial Planning100%
Property Investment80%
Home Loan Management85%
Self-Managed Super Fund90%
The Host - Expert in finance solutions

Mary Degetto

Managing and directing a team of 9 loan writers, IT, accountant and support staff. I have experience and skills to really control the environment and the staff. Together with natlons I have made it my mission to secure optimum finance solutions and asset protection for individuals and business.
This has been achieved through the energetic and focused leadership style that emphasises values such as high performance, accountability, teamwork and transparency.

Doing this for 5 years I decided to take on another game to add to my list of things to do. I am now a Co-host on the TV show Dollars With Sense where we bring you access to elite industry professionals to address the relevant issues for.

I have a huge amount of experience in Loans and Financing and would love to help you with any questions you have so send me a message or an email anytime!

Loans & Financing98%
Debt Consolidation87%
The Host - Expert in finance education

James Lynch

James Lynch is a leader in the financial services training sector. As Operations Manager with Mentor Education James leads the training and development of Financial Planners across the country. He brings that experience to the Expert Panel of Dollars With Sense to help you get the best education you can have regarding your financial future.

Financial Education96%
Financial Planning90%
Strategic Planning89%

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  • It was great to meet the Dollars with Sense team. If I had not met them, my finances won’t be what they are now. Thank you for the kindness and understanding that you have shown me.

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