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Dollars with Sense Membership Program

Dollars with Sense Membership Program offers a range of benefits to our members. Join us today and we are here to help you to work your money smarter not harder.

  • Financial health check
  • Market Master Course
  • Wealth Learn Course
  • Unlimited Library Access
  • Small Business Assistance
  • Discounts on Finance Courses
  • Ongoing Support
  • DWS TV Updates & News
  • DWS Seminars
  • Free Books
  • Home Loan Manager Pro
  • Finance & Home Loan Review


How do we assist you to plan?

– We ask you the appropriate questions to help establish where you are at in life before we assist you to plan.

– Help you to realise and plan your priorities in life.

– Put a plan in place so your goals can be executed in a realistic time frame.


How we help you to start saving now

– We review your current expenses and budget to see where we can help you to save.

– Assess your current budget and make adjustments to help you save.

– Get your existing loans and appropriate insurances reviewed and checked.


How do you know which investment strategy best suits you?

– We ensure the strategy we choose for suits your financial circumstances.

– You will get the financial education and the ongoing support of the Dollars with Sense team to guide you in the right direction.

 – We consider a diversified portfolio to ensure your investment risks are lowered.


How we help you protect you and your family

– We help you assess your insurances, investment strategy & cash flow requirements.

– We make sure your home and assets are protected with the correct financial structure.

– Our goal is to ensure you are on track to comfortably.
Let us help you PLAN, SAVE, INVEST, PROTECT so you can make your dreams come true.

What we can do for you


At Dollars With Sense, we assist first-time investors, first home buyers, young families and future retirees in investment property purchases as part of an investment strategy.

We will ensure that you get the right financial education and the appropriate financial structure set up so that you get a peace of mind.

Once you have you learned how to PLAN and SAVE, we will help you to INVEST so that you can PROTECT your assets in the future.


Many people find it overwhelming to face the real issues of how their credit cards and finances got out of control, it can be an emotionally taxing and relationship destroying situation, Dollars With Sense understands the importance of realising your current situation and placing a strategy that will help resolve your current financial crisis and put you in a position to move forward with clarity and prosperity in mind.

Dollars with Sense will assist you with budgeting, consolidating your bad debt, and reviewing your existing investment strategies in order to help you PLAN SAVE INVEST PROTECT.

Contact us to let us assist you clearing up your bad debt today so you can start to SAVE


Whether you are investing in shares for growth or yield, non-profit considered strategy should always be implemented. Don’t guess, think about the most appropriate way to learn what’s strategy best suits you.

The Australian Shareholders Association non-profit organization established in 1960, it represents and teaches free thinking investor progressed in investment knowledge become part of the of Dollars with Sense community and share in their discussions, meetings & seminars.

Contact us for more information.


You can never know too much when it comes to looking after your financial affairs, Dollars With Sense believes the best decisions are made when you make informed decision and this is why we offer education via the Australian education in Shareholders Association and also Mentor Education and coupled with the cumulative expertise of the Dollars with Sense panel members in various investment strategies.

Whether you are just starting out or a successful investor Dollars With Sense is here to point you in the right direction. There is proven strategies in shares trading and also in investment property that can help increase the well-being and your family situation.

We give the opportunity for the viewers and followers to educate themselves in the area of finance so they can make an educated and informed decision on any investment strategy.

Let us assist you in ascertaining the best investment strategy that best suits you and your family.

Contact us to get your education today.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency; it appears as complicated as it is exciting. Recognising this as a growing area and the need for information and support in this space, Dollars With Sense has a range of resources that can assist you with everything from buying your first bitcoin, to setting up a wallet, learning about ICOs and even managing the taxation implications of buying, selling or investing in Cryptocurrency.

For information on how we can assist you sign up for your free membership here send us a message and see how we can help. 


  • I made a lot of bad choices in my early twenties, which led to a lot of debt. Dallas helped me face these issues and assisted me with a strategy to get rid of my debt. Now that I know more about planning, saving and investing, I’m able to manage my finance better. I can proudly say that I spend my money wisely now, and I no longer have bad debt. Thank you for your help!

    Sam D.
  • Bitcoin has always been fascinating to me. I first heard about it from a friend, and I got curious about
    what it is. I am a self-confessed risk-taker and I wanted to invest in cryptocurrency. However, I knew
    very little about how it works. Dollars with Sense helped me out in purchasing my very first Bitcoin and
    creating my own wallet. They provided me with reliable resources, so I could learn more about
    cryptocurrency. I now consider myself a true Bitcoin trader, thanks to Dollars with Sense.

    Ginevra R
  • It was great to meet the Dollars with Sense team. If I had not met them, my finances won’t be what they are now. Thank you for the kindness and understanding that you have shown me.

    Jane S.
    Happy Customer
  • My fiance and I wanted to invest in something for our future before we get married. Dollars with Sense helped us work on our finance, and now we’re reaping the benefits!

    Helen W.
  • I’d always wanted to invest my money in something worthwhile, but I didn’t know what to do or where
    to look. Dollars with Sense helped me out in so many ways. I wasn’t very good at handling my money,
    but Dollars with Sense shared their expertise with me. They taught me the most effective strategies for
    trading and investment. They educated me on everything I needed to know and thoroughly explained all
    the steps I would need to take. I was able to make my own decisions with their assistance. Choosing
    Dollars with Sense is a decision I’ll never regret!

    Trish P.
  • My husband and I had problems with our finances for almost ten years. We were not able to pay bills on
    time. We thought we would be able to get rid of our debts together, but they just kept on piling up. Our
    bank accounts were completely in chaos! It was fortunate that we stumbled upon Dollars with Sense as
    suggested by a close friend. We were able to sit, talk about our financial situation, and learn a good
    strategy to get rid of our debt. We are now debt-free and enjoying our lives with our kids! Thank you,
    Dollars with Sense!

    Margaret & Sean H.
  • I am a mother of four and I love my kids so much. I want to make sure that they will have a great future.
    Dollars with Sense helped me assess my financial situation. I learned that there are so many things I can
    do to manage my money properly. These strategies have helped me a lot. My assets are now protected,
    my home is secure, and I need not worry about my children’s future. Many thanks, Dollars with Sense,
    for helping us become financially stable!

    Tessa D.


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